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  • The contingency policy enables you to retain specific risk and can be used in combination with conventional insurance as part of your total insurance structure. This promotes good risk management and allows you to potentially save on your conventional insurance premiums as well as gain financial independence in the long-run
  • Certain risk that might normally be excluded by conventional insurance could also be covered by the policy
  • The Insured is rewarded for good risk management and can share through underwriting profits
  • The policy can assist you to enhance your cash flow
  • The premiums that are not claimed in the current period, can be renewed, and utilised in future
  • The standard 20% additional cover can be increased and tailormade to meet your individual needs
  • You can gain access to your risk management policy within 48 hours
Additional benefits
Your policy can be pledged as security to access:
- A loan facility to enhance your cashflow
- The issuing of guarantees, if needed

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    Master Logo File - CG
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