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What exactly is risk?
Risk is potential harm that may come from a present process or future event. We often associate risk with probability and when conducting a professional risk assessment, this combines the likelihood of a negative event occurring with how harmful it would be. Understandably, risk can be terrifying to business owners, since, no matter what industry you are in, risk is guaranteed to be encountered.

As a business owner, you may be unsure which risks you should retain and which ones you best avoid or transfer.

This is where Corporate Guarantee comes in, by assisting you in both analysing and optimising your risk management process.
Contingency Policy
To assist you in managing your risks, Corporate Guarantee offers cost-effective approaches.

The Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) contingency policy is a short-term insurance policy. It is a sensible alternative for clients with a long-term, personal commitment to property loss prevention, a serious focus on loss control and a willingness to assume a portion of their own risk. One of the benefits gained from the implementation of the policy, is to potentially reduce the cost of conventional insurance premiums. Premiums paid towards the risk management policy are allocated according to the risk specified on the policy. Any surplus premiums not claimed during the period are either returned to the client or transferred to the following underwriting year. The benefit to the client being that the product offers a dedicated risk management structure, by providing a wider scope of risk cover categories, where conventional insurance companies might have been either unwilling to provide cover or it was too expensive to obtain cover at appropriate levels.

Contingency policies have become a must-have tool for risk managers globally and account for a substantial amount of international insurance premiums.
What we offer

Multi-Peril Policy
This includes cover for all 30 perils which is similar to your conventional insurance. Ranging from Fire Cover, Business Interruption, Professional Indemnity to Natural Disasters. Contact Us to learn more.

Credit Insurance
Protect your accounts receivable from default payments. This is a Risk Management Product, which is specifically designed for business entities to protect their accounts receivable from loss, due to credit risks. Contact Us to learn more.
Income protection

Income Protection Policy
This Policy is mainly for professional individuals and makes provision for any Injury, Sickness, Total and Permanent Disability, Unemployment or Death suffered by the insured during the policy period as specified in the schedule. Contact Us to learn more.


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