Relating to the Corporate Guarantee ART product

Who is Corporate Guarantee?

Corporate Guarantee is currently the largest short-term insurer in Namibia and is part of the JSE-listed Nictus Group.  Corporate Guarantee specialises in ART (Alternative Risk Transfer) insurance solutions and services, catering for the needs of its corporate and professional clients in accordance with their specific risk circumstances and risk management efficiency.

What statements will I receive and how do I make sense of them?
How do I see what the growth on my Experience Account is?
How does the No Claims Bonus (NCB) work?
Is the ART insurance policy tax deductible?
Do I have to pay VAT on my policy?
When do I receive an Invoice for the payments made into my Experience Account?
What charges are levied on my Corporate Guarantee policy?
When is the Admin Fee deducted from my policy?
Do I receive a tax certificate at the end of the tax year?
Is the Receiver of Revenue aware of the CG product offerings?

Yes, the Receiver is aware of the product and we will gladly supply you with a Tax Directive to this effect.

Can I load a beneficiary on my policy?
How do I go about lodging a claim?
If I claim, is the amount paid out including VAT?
Can I make a withdrawal from my policy?
How can I access the monies in my Experience Account?
Can I cancel my policy and how do I go about this?
Can the monies in my fund become taxable again in future?
Why do you need my financial statements as well as so many other documents before the policy can be opened?
Who do I contact at Corporate Guarantee regarding any queries I might have?
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About Corporate Guarantee

Corporate Guarantee is a specialist Insurer, providing innovative risk management solutions as an alternative to conventional insurance. 


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